Citizen Science Website and App

Photo: Dana Lepofsky.
Archaeologists from our research team excavating a clam garden.

Following discussions with educators, conservancy groups, First Nations, and members of the public, we started to recognize a desire among many people to be involved in the study and stewardship of clam gardens. Inspired by this enthusiasm, we are developing a citizen science website and app that would allow people to upload observations from their local beaches to a centralized clam garden database and map. As clam gardens are only visible about 80 daylight hours a year, researchers can’t be everywhere at once and would benefit greatly from the public’s help to map where clam gardens are, and aren’t, on the Northwest Coast. Therefore, the first phase of this project is a feasibility study in which we will work with Nations interested in partnering on this project and the web/app designers to investigate appropriate ways of treating and visualizing clam garden data. We then plan to pilot the program in one or two territories before expanding to other locations on the coast.

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